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Birth:1730 in Brunswick Co., VA
Death:Jan 1793 in Chesterfield District, South Carolina
Father:George Hicks b. 1695 in Brunswick Co, VA
Mother: Sarah
Christening: 1776 George was colonel in Revolution
Burial: Sawmill Church, near Bennettsville, SC
Reference: 303
Spouses & Children 
Naomi (Wife)
  1. DescendantsJames Hicks
  2. Elizabeth Hicks b. 1757
  3. DescendantsSarah Hicks b. 25 Jan 1757 in Marlborough District, South Carolina
  4. DescendantsNancy Hicks b. 1766
Sarah James (Wife) b. 1 Jan 1734/35
  1. DescendantsElizabeth Hicks
  2. DescendantsMary Hicks
  3. DescendantsLucy Hicks
  4. DescendantsCharlotte Hicks
  5. Benjamin Hicks
  6. George Hicks b. 1775 in Marlborough District, South Carolina
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SC Council Memorial Book 9, p 208, has reference to 250 acres in Craven Co., on N. side of Wateree River bounded on all sides by vacant land. Certified 4 Feb 1767 granted 17 Feb 1767.
Dr. Hall says that Col. George is buried at the "Sawmill" Church, about seven miles from Bennettsville, the grave unmarked, and it is presumed that his wife is buried there also. (SC Hist and Geneal. Mag. April 1932, p 179)
Betsy Hicks, a granddaughter of Col. George married Donald Potter. Sarah Pegues Hicks, b 1801 in NC d. 1885 in MS m. Jehu Evans. Had brother Thomas b. 1800.
Book 12p 408 SC Memorial Books, George Hicks-850 acres situate in Craven Co., SC, N.E. of Pee Dee River on a Creek called Naked Creek and a branch called beaver dam...Survey certified 18 Apr 1773 and granted 10 May 1773.
Book 13, p86 55 acres in Craven Co., Cheraw District on Naked Creek to the east of Pedee River, Survey certified 28 May 1773 and granted 7 June 1774 to the Memorialist. Signed 5 Nov. 1774.
Book 13, p 113 George Hicks 445 Acres in Craven Co., Cheraw District, N.E. of Pedee River.
Book 14, p 71 George Hicks 200 acres on N side of Pedee River in the Welch Tract, all sides vacant land, granted 16 Jan 1671. Signed 9 May 1761.
Book D-4
Indenture 29 Oct 1766, James Hicks planter Brunswick Co., VA (county of VA.) and George Hicks, planter of the County of Craven in the Province of South Carolina, for 100 pounds current money of SC, 200 acres in Craven County, all sides on vacant land, generally known by the name of the Welch Tract, and now on the Death of the above said George Hicks, Esq., the above said 200 acres of land Doth Revert unto his Eldest son the above said James Hicks planter being his heir at law. James Hicks( Legal Signature) Witnessed by Isaac Collier, Jr. (his wife's brother) Charles Irby, Charles Hicks
Proven by Charles Irby before John Abran, J. P. for Craven Co 27 Dec 1776. Recorded 8 June 1773, H. Regeley, Register. [The dates seem inconsistent but travel to Charleston from Brunswick County, VA, was probably difficult. The deed had to be recorded in both NC and SC.
Book V-5, p 203
Indenture 13 Oct 1773, Reuben Taylor of the Parrish of St. David's and Province of South Carolina, and George Hicks of same place, planter, for 200 pounds lawful current money of the Province aforesaid, 100 acres on N.E. side of Pee Dee River in Craven County in the Province of SC near a creek known by the name of Naked Creek and adjoining Thomas Crawford & vacant land, originally granted to Jacob Lamply 10 Jan 1771 and sold by said Jacob Lamply to said Reuben Taylor 14 Mar 1772. /Wit. James Hicks, John Odom. Proved by James Hicks before H'y W'm Harrington, one of his Majesty's Justices of the peace for said District, 14 June 1774. Recorded 27 July 1786.
George Hicks's will was signed 5 Jan 1793 and recorded Marth 1793 in Will Book A., p 18 Marlborough Co., SC

In the name of God Amen, I George Hicks of the County of Marlborough in the State aforesaid being of sound mind and memory do make and ordain this to be my last will and testament in manner and form following (that is to say) first I desire that all my lawful debts be paid, and then my property to be disposed of in the following manner.
IMPRIMIS I give and bequeath to my son George Hicks, when he shall arrive at the age of twenty three years or shall marry, the following tracts of land (viz) one tract whereon I now live containing three hundred and fifty acres, - one other tract containing three hundred acres bounded on the lower line of the aforesaid tract, butting on Pee Dee River granted to the Griffens and conveyed by Michael Griffen to me, also a small parcel of land containing about thirty acres in the low grounds on the upper side of the tract of where i now live left to me by my Father George Hicks, also one other tract of two hundred acres known by the name of the Sand Hill Plantation and granted to my Father George Hicks, together with all my other lands not herein particularly mentioned. And the following Slaves (viz) Abram, Billy, Caesar, little Abram, Harry, Cato, Amy wife to Abram, Ben, Judy, Dinah and Old Cato, to have and to hold the above mentioned lands and slaves to him and his heirs forever. . . .
ITEM I leave in hands of my friends Henry William Harrington and William Falconer Esquires, in trust for the use of my daughters and their heirs the following slaves, for the use of my daughter Sarah Pegues and her heirs, Hannah, her daughter Phillis, Newry, Rachel and Old Sue...
For the use of my daughter Nancy Godfrey, Jim, his wife Phillis, Doll, Cato, Jim and Judy...
For the use of my daughter Polly Murfee and her heirs, Hill, Amy, Peggy, Say, Hannah, William and Lucretia...
For the use of my daughter Lucy Strother and her heirs, Rose, Nelly. Winny, Flora, Maria, Old Phillis, Peter and London...
For the use of my daughter Charlotte Wilson and her heirs little Sue, Nero, Ned, Moses, Aaron and Jinny. Provided nevertheless that nothing herein mentioned shall be so construed as to debar my said daughters the use of the property aforesaid, as soon as my debts shall be paid.
ITEM I give and bequeath unto my grand daughters Sarah and Nancy, daughters of my son James Hicks, the following tracts of land (viz) one tract of four hundred acres granted to Joseph Johnson lying in the County of Marlborough on Naked Creek, one other tract in the county aforesaid, lying in the fork of the beaver dam and Crooked Creek known by the name of Brittons Fork both which tracts I purchased at Sheriff's sale to be equally divided share and share alike....
Item I give and bequeath to my grand daughter Betsy Hicks when she shall arrive at the age of eighteen years, or shall marry, the following slaves viz, Becky, Lisbon, Jacob and a child Jinny at Daniel Sparks provided nevertheless if shall die before she arrives at the age aforesaid, or shall marry that it shall revert to my son George...
ITEM I give and bequeath to my grandson Thomas W. Godfrey one hundred acres of land lying in the low Grounds of Pee Dee, on both sides of the beaver dam creek and known by the name of the Beaver Dam tract. Also one hundred acres adjoining the same on the high land to be laid off by beginning at the lower line of the said Beaver dam land and running in the same direction a sufficient distance to take in the field where Feagin lives, from thence to the line which divided that land from Wm Lide's and then down the said line to the low grounds.
ITEM In addition to what I have already given my daughter Polly Murfee, i give and bequeath six breeding cattle and to my granddaughter Betsy Hicks two feather beds and furniture, one riding horse and saddle. The residue of my stock and furniture I give to my son George...
Lastly, I constitute and appoint my sons in law William Pegues, William Strother, John Wilson and Thomas Godfrey and my son George Hicks, Executors of this my last will and testament, declaring this and no other to be Such.
In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this fifth day of January one thousand and seven
hundred and ninety three.
Geo. Hicks...(L.S.)
Signed sealed published and declared by the testator to be his last will and testament in the presence of us, who in his presence and of each other have subscribed our names as witness thereto:
William Covington
Mary Andrews
Peregrine Orborn(?) Joyner
Recorded in Will Book A, P 18
1 March 1793 At a Court held before the Honble Tristram Thomas and Wm Thomas Esquires.
William Pegues, William Strother and Thomas Godfrey appeared in open Court and proved the Last Will and testament of George Hicks dec'd the due Execution of which was proved by the oath of William Covington.
Ordered that a dedimus be directed to Benjamin Hicks Esqr. to qualify James Gillespie, Miles King, Berry Williams, Wm. Covington, Wm. Fields as appraisers to the Estate of George Hicks dec'd----
George Hicks, aged seventeen, appeared in Court and voluntarily chose William Pegues Esqr as his Guardian, ordered that Letters of Guardianship do issue to the sd Wm Pegues on his giving Bond and security agreeable to Law-
At an Intermediate Court held for the County of Marlborough on the First Monday in May 1793 before the Honorable Thomas and William Thomas Esqur John Willison Esqr came into open Court and was duly qualified as an executor to the last will and Testament of George Hicks Deceased
William Pegues, Thomas Godfrey, William Strother & John Wilson Executors to the Estate of George Hicks, deceased returned an appraisement of the said deceased, which was approved of by the Court to be recorded.
[Mrs. Lidwin had the above notarized 9 July 1959 by Joseph Russell Cross, Notary Public for South Carolina.[p 69 in Mrs. Lidwin's MSS]
Letter 3
Page 66
Deep River Ramsey’s Mill 24th August 1780

Capt Ramsey will Deliver to you twenty one British prisoners which I have this day delivered to him to convey to Hillsborough, - Those prisoners were part of one hundred & three that was taken in flats on the River P. D. on these passage from the Cheraw Hill to George Town, part of which was sent to Hillsborough by Capt. Arnold, and part was so Sickly that they was not able to march, and now left at Long Bluff Goal in Cheraw District South Carolina, ( which I am afraid is released, those twenty one is part of thrity nine that was intended to be sent by Capt. Thomas, but on hearing the un____ Defeat of Genl Gates, his Guard left him and he gave them into the charge of Col Jarvis but they not being able to march so fast as his men retreated he was under the necessity of having them on the Road near Coles Bridge at which place I came up with them, and took them into my charge.

I am sir your Excellencyes most
Obedient, and most humble Serv’t
George Hicks, Col. of the Cheraws District S. Carolina.


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