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What is SmartMatching?

Family Tree Legends works with the GenCircles web site to provide you with innovative SmartMatching technology that assists you in the research of your ancestors. When you choose to enable the Internet Backup and/or Internet Publishing features for your file, we compare your genealogy data against all of the other users who have uploaded their data in our system. We then calculate and display matched ancestors from other genealogist's files in the SmartMatching section of your software. SmartMatching enables you to immediately find additional genealogical information that is missing from your file. This technology is only available in Family Tree Legends and at the GenCircles web site. Best of all, its amazingly fast and accurate!

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How do I submit my file for SmartMatching?

All files that have Internet Backup enabled are submitted for SmartMatching automatically. To enable Internet Backup for your file, open your copy of Family Tree Legends, and choose OPTIONS > FILE OPTIONS > INTERNET BACKUP.

Why do I have 0 SmartMatches for my family?

The number of SmartMatches you receive can be dependent upon the number of deceased individuals in your file that contain birth & death dates, and links to other ancestors. Users who do not include this information, commonly have a limited number of matches, or in some instances no matches. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to calculate a authentic match without using dates and relationships to verify the individual is the same.

In other cases, there is simply not another GenCircles user who's file contains matching information. Although, our web site is growing by leaps and bounds every day, we cannot guarantee results for everyone's family. Most likely, you will begin to receive SmartMatches as you enter more information on your family. Including birth dates and/or death dates greatly improves your chances of receiving matches.

Also, it is important to note, that SmartMatching can occasionally produce errors, or miss individuals. Our web site development team is continually working to improve the accuracy of this matching system.