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Arizona, Mormon Settlement to 1921
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and for a while there was belief that the Colorado River could be
utilized as a means of connecting steamboat transportation with the
wagons that should haul from Callville, 350 miles from Salt Lake.

In 1851, nearly four years after the settlement at Salt Lake, President
Young made suggestion that a company be organized, of possibly a score of
families, to settle below Cajon Pass and cultivate the grape, olive,
sugar cane and cotton and to found a station on a proposed Pacific mail
route. There was expectation that the settlement later would be a
gathering place for the Saints who might come from the islands of the
Pacific, and even from Europe. The idea proved immensely popular, the
suggestion having come after a typical Salt Lake winter, and the
pilgrimage embraced about 500 individuals. President Young, at the time
of their leaving, March 24, said he "was sick at the sight of so many
Saints running to California, chiefly after the gods of this earth" and
he expressed himself unable to address them. Arrival at San Bernardino
was in June.

The Author has been fortunate in securing personal testimony from a
member of this migration, Collins R. Hakes, who later was President of
the Maricopa Stake at Mesa, and, later, head of the Bluewater settlement
in New Mexico. The hegira was led by Amasa M. Lyman and Chas. C. Rich,
prominent Mormon pioneers.

A short distance below Cajon Pass, Lyman and Rich in September purchased
the Lugo ranch of nine square leagues, including an abandoned mission.
They agreed to pay $77,500 in deferred payments, though the total sum
rose eventually to $140,000. Even at that, this must be accounted a very
reasonable price
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