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Collections of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, Volume 12
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Retrospect .

The political history of the settlement is not an exciting one. The township of New Glarus was named and organized as such in April, 1850, prior to which the territory comprising it had been attached for civil purposes to the adjoining town of York, and was popularly known as "the Swiss colony." The plat containing the colony lands, parcelled into sixty twenty acre lots, was surveyed by A. W. Comfort, August 29, 1845. The village was laid out and platted by Samuel Spangler, of Monroe, in 1851. From the beginning the political preferences of the people have been mostly for the democratic party; two-thirds or more of the colonists vote that way. It is another instance of the conservatism of these Swiss settlers, that they have mainly adhered through all changes to the political creed they first embraced. For a man to change his politics is quite as rare among them as to change his religion. Nevertheless, a candidate known to be worthy and competent will get their support, irrespective of party. Elections are for the most part conducted quietly, and but little of the usual electioneering jobbing or trading is done. Public speakers of all parties are always respectfully beard and well received. J. J. Tschudy was the first Swiss elected to a county office, being chosen register of deeds in 1858; he served as such two terms, and then was elected county clerk four times, serving from 1864 to 1873. Mathias Marty was elected county clerk in 1862, and from 1872 to 1886. John Luchsinger was elected five times to the state assembly. In the session of 1887, both the Green county members, John Luchsinger and J. O. Zimmerman, were Swiss; the former was also county treasurer from 1883 to 1887. Edward Ruegger was elected sheriff in 1882, and Thomas Luchsinger in 1890.

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