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Men and Memories of San Francisco, Spring of 1850
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O. Livermore was a rosy-cheeked boy, in the store of Wm. T. Coleman & Co., twenty-two or twenty-three years ago. Ready, willing, quick and good-natured, he became a favorite with his employers, and the up-river merchants trading with them, who were not few in those days. He rose to a position of trust and importance. For many years after leaving W. T. C. & Co's house, he was in the employ of Pioche, Bayerque & Co., in a very confidential position. His strict business integrity has placed him in charge of valuable estates, seldom entrusted to so young an agent. We sincerely hope that twenty-three years hence may find him as hale and useful as to-day.

In the same block with W. T. Coleman & Co's store, nearer to Pacific street, on the west side of Sansome, was the store of DeWitt & Harrison, one of the oldest firms in San Francisco established prior to the gold discovery. Alfred DeWitt and Henry A. Harrison were the members of the firm at that time. Since then the house has conducted business under the firm name of DeWitt, Kittle & Co., and now as Kittle & Co.

Mr. Kittle was a clerk for DeWitt & Harrison in 1850. W. T. Hoffman and young Twiggs—we forget his given name, he was always called

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