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Medical history of Michigan: Volume II
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Huron County has Hubbard Memorial Hospital, situated at Bad Axe. It was erected in 1906 as a ten-bed hospital, and was given to the county by a donor who wished to have the sick cared for at the least possible cost. The rates range from $2.50 to $3.00 per day, the township or county assisting where the patient cannot pay. The hospital is self-supporting. In 1912, an annex increased its capacity to twenty-eight beds.

Fairmount Hospital at Kalamazoo was constructed in 1913 by the city; and in 1918 was sold to the county. Improvement has gone on until there are six buildings in the hospital unit. X-ray work has been introduced, and up-to-date equipment installed. Special attention has been paid to out-of-door features. Fairmount Hospital takes care of tuberculous patients and of those suffering from contagious diseases, having fifty-one beds for the former, with prospect of increase to eighty-five, and thirty-five beds for the last. The service is to a great extent without charge to patients. An additional feature is arrangement by the state to take care of girls with venereal disease, in which department there are sixty beds.

Barry County has Pennock Hospital, located at Hastings. Established in 1916 in a former dwelling house, the hospital moved in 1924 into a building erected for the purpose and modernly equipped. It has a thirty-five bed capacity. There is a charity fund maintained by donations, and an endowed bed for child patients.

Jackson County Contagious Hospital, previously operating as Jackson City Hospital, assumed its present nature when the W. A. Foote Memorial Hospital was opened, 1916. The wings of the building were constructed for hospital purposes in the 1880's; the offices and staff rooms were originally a brick dwelling house. The institution has ordinarily many fewer patients than its full capacity, thirty-five. Three-fourths of its patients are paid for by city and county. It is a standardized institution.

Gogebic County has Grand View Hospital, situated at Ironwood. Projected in 1917, it opened, in new buildings, in 1924. Its equipment is of the latest type, and it is standardized. The capacity is ninety-six beds, fifty of them available for tuberculosis and the rest for general service, including contagious diseases. The county makes up the deficit incurred in caring for its sick poor.

Chippewa County has Chippewa County Memorial Hospital, located at Sault Ste. Marie. It was established in 1924, in a building erected for the purpose, has fifty-two beds, and is not standardized.

Oakland County has Oakland County Contagious Hospital. This was opened in 1926, in a building erected for the purpose. It has eighty beds and is not standardized.

The city of Jackson, in addition to sharing with the county in a contagious hospital and a tuberculosis hospital, operates a hospital for general medical and surgical service. An older Jackson City Hospital dated back to 1886. To relieve crowded conditions, a large new structure was built in 1916; and the institution, with some reorganization, carried on as M. A.

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