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O.P. Fitzgerald, California Sketches
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reckless spirit, and am now mortgaged to the devil. What I might have been under other circumstances, I know not; but I do know that the best clements of my nature were crushed out of me by the infernal tyrant who was my teacher, and that I owe him a debt I would be glad to pay.

He spoke truly. The mortgage was duly foreclosed. He died ofdelirium tremens. A single act of injustice sowed the seeds of bitterness that marred the hopes of a whole life. The moral of this sketch is commended to teachers and parents.

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O.P. Fitzgerald, California Sketches. Family Tree Legends Records Collection (Online Database). Pearl Street Software, 2004-2005. California Sketches. By O.P. Fitzgerald. Southern Methodist Publishing House, Nashville, 1880. "California as I Saw It": First-Person Narratives of California's Early Years, 1849-1900; American Memory, Library of Congress.