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Intuitive Data Entry
Family Tree Legends' intuitive and simple interface makes entering data easy. Simply click on the field for which you want to enter data and type in the information. Data can be entered on a variety of screens accessible from the buttons on the right hand side of the screen.

For each individual, you can attach any number of Facts and Events. For example, you can attach facts about births, deaths, arrival (to a country), blessing, caste names, etc. Family Tree Legends supports over 100 standard genealogical fact types.

In Family Tree Legends, you can enter Medical Information (e.g., height, weight, hair color, etc.) for each individual within your family history. In addition, our medical facts section allows you to enter a person's DNA fingerprint using the results of a 12 marker test, or 25 marker tests. However, in order to fully protect the privacy of such a test, the information you enter in this window is stored in an encrypted format, and will not be published or shared, regardless of your online publishing settings. This information will only be exported when you select "Export Private Items" during GEDCOM file export- at which point it will be exported in the encrypted format.

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