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Features List


  • Intelligent Results - Family Tree Legends provides you with the ability to instantly connect with all of the family history data published on the GenCircles Web site. SmartMatching intelligently compares the ancestors included in your file to all the ancestors in the Global Tree database, & then displays the matched results.
  • Merge Data - Data contained in SmartMatch results can be evaluated, and then merged directly into your Family Tree Legends file using either a step-by-step or automated process.

  • SmartMatching Screenshot


  • GEDCOM Import/Export/Merge - Full GEDCOM 5.5 support, with import & export capabilities. In addition, GEDCOM files can be merged into an existing Family Tree Legends file.
  • Family Tree Maker® Import - Directly import all of the data & scrapbook items from your FTW (Family Tree Maker®) files.
  • Facts & Events - Enter an unlimited number of facts & events for the individuals in your file, & then sort them by date. Every fact can have notes, sources, & scrapbooks attached to it.
  • Notes - Attach any number of formatted notes with no length restriction.
  • Full Record ID Support - Now you can choose to see Record ID's throughout the program. This is the greatest way to tell the difference between those two John Smiths.
  • Medical - Keep track of height, weight, physical description, DNA test results, & other medical information.
  • Address Info - Keep track of the addresses of individuals in your family history file.
  • Aliases - Enter aliases, religious names, & married names for individuals in your file.
  • Find & Merge Duplicates - Scan your file potentially for duplicated individuals, & then merge the corresponding records.
  • Calculate - Relationships, Soundex, Metaphone, & Dates.

Index & Searching

  • Index of Individuals - View all of the individuals in your file. The list can be sorted by surname or individual, & has a built-in search feature.
  • Search for Individual - Search by Name, First Name, Last Name, Birth Place, or Death Place to quickly locate specific individuals.
  • Navigate View - Move quickly between multiple generations using our 5-generation ancestor navigate view.


    Chart Templates    Fan Charts

  • Pedigree, Descendant, Hourglass, Fan, & Bow Tie Charts - Create beautiful & professional looking charts, with the ability to choose between 5 different charting styles.
  • Customize- There are an almost unlimited number of options to change the look & style of your chart:
           - Backgrounds & Frames       - Unlimited Facts Displayed
    - Fonts   - Hide Private Information
    - Box Design   - Highlight Relationships
    - Moves Chart Boxes - Display Scrapbook Photos

  • Chart Templates - Let Family Tree Legends make your chart look great! More than 30 different templates with a variety of styles and backgrounds.
  • Export - Have your charts professionally printed by exporting them as graphic files in variety of formats.



  • Over 40 Different Reports - Create a wide variety of traditional reports, summary reports, lists, fact usage reports, blank forms, & much more!
  • Customize- Choose the look & information to be included in your reports:
    • Contents
    • Sources
    • Fonts
  • Publish - Instantly publish your report on the Internet on your Family Tree Legends home page.
  • Export - Save your report in RTF, PDF, or HTML file format, or view directly in your word processor.
  • Named Custom Reports - You can add as many custom reports to the actual Reports menu as you'd like. There's never been more control over what reports matter most to you.


  • Books - Create, print, preview, and export family books. Add any number of reports, charts, and text items to your book. Save your book as a PDF document. Edit the items in your book with ease.

  • Books

Share CD/DVD's

  • Share CD's & DVD's - Create a CD or DVD of all of your data and distribute it with a FREE version of Family Tree Legends. Family members can just pop in a CD and a special version of FTL will immediately launch and let them view data, make unlimited charts and reports, and print anything they'd like. There's never been a better way to share your hard work.

  • Share CD/DVD's

    Scrapbooks Screenshot

  • Link to Images, Audio, Video, & Objects - Include a variety of multimedia files & other objects in you scrapbooks.
  • Scan Directly into the Scrapbook - Scan images & photographs directly into your scrapbook.
  • Slide Show - View an automated slide show of your scrapbook.
  • Images Properties - Rotate, crop, adjust brightness/contrast, & insert a caption & description for all images.
  • Share Images - Send scrapbook images to other researchers using GenGrams. In addition, you can insert received GenGram images directly into the scrapbook of your choice.
  • Photo Publishing - Publish scrapbook images to your Family Tree Legends homepage.
  • Multiple Scrapbooks - You can have as many scrapbooks per person, family, citation, & event as you'd like.

Real-Time Internet Backup & Publishing

Real-Time Internet Backup

  • With Real-Time Internet Backup, there is no need to reach for a floppy disk or burn a CD each time you want to backup your file. Real-Time Internet Backup automatically transmits a true digital copy of your file to our secure server (128-bit encryption) in real-time.
  • In the event you have a hard drive crash, you can restore your file back to your computer from within Family Tree Legends.
  • Real-Time Internet Backup is a completely optional feature. You can still use traditional means to backup your file.

Real-Time Internet Publishing

  • Real-Time Internet Publishing takes the work out of publishing your file to the Internet by transmitting your file directly to the GenCircles Web site, & automatically keeping it up to date as you work.
  • This innovative feature eliminates the need to export & upload GEDCOM files to post updated content on the Internet. Real-Time Internet Publishing is a completely optional feature.
  • You can still export your file via GEDCOM & publish it to other Web sites.


  • Take your family tree with you in your pocket! - Going to the library? On a research trip? Headed to a family reunion? Sync a GEDCOM file that you create with Family Tree Legends to your handheld device, and viewing your family tree is now just a few taps away. Select versions of the all new Family Tree Legends version 5.0 now include both GedStar Pro Lite for Palm handheld devices, and Pocket Genealogist Lite for the Pocket PC devices. Both GedStar Pro Lite and Pocket Genealogist Lite allow you to view your family history directly from your handheld device.

    GedStar Pro Lite and Pocket Genealogist Lite are available with all new Upgrade orders (you must provide your existing FTL serial number to qualify for an upgrade), and new Deluxe & Premium edition orders of Family Tree Legends version 5.0.

  • Handheld Family Tree Programs included with Family Tree Legends



  • Send Messages - Communicate with other Family Tree Legends users instantly over a secure, encrypted network.
  • Share Images - Send scrapbook images to other Family Tree Legends users. Received GenGram images can be inserted directly into the scrapbook of your choice.
  • Share File Data - Send selected individuals from your family history file to other Family Tree Legends users. Individuals received in GenGram messages, can be reviewed. After doing so you can choose how you would like Family Tree Legends to handle the data:
    • Add as a new individual in your file
    • Merge with an existing individual in your file
    • Close and ignore the data


  • Full Source Documentation - Family Tree Legends offers a full source control system with:
    • Master Source Records
    • Citations
    • Repositories
  • Master Source & Repository Lists - View, edit, & replace all your sources, & source repositories in one convenient location.
  • Quick Source Status on All Screens - Graphic icons represent whether or not a source exists for data points within your file.

Printing Capabilities

  • All Printers Supported - All printers are supported by Family Tree Legends, including plotters, laser printers, & inkjet printers.
  • Any Size Paper Supported - Print to any size paper you'd like, including over-sized paper (convenient for wall charts).
  • Print Reports & Charts - Export reports & charts to files, & have them professionally printed, or print them at home.

CD File Backup

  • CD & DVD File Backup - Burn a backup copy of your Family Tree Legends file to CD or DVD.

Intelligent File System

  • Security and Confidence - Family Tree Legends uses a proprietary file system that virtually eliminates the possibility of your file becoming destroyed. Even if your system crashes while you're editing your data, a transactional file system protects your file from corruption.

Learning Center

  • Tips From the Pros - The Family Tree Legends Learning Center is a collection of informative articles (provided by Family Tree Magazine®) that cover a variety of topics relating to genealogy.

Other Features

  • Customizable User Interface - Change the user interface font sizes & type styles, add or remove features from the toolbar, as well as choose between large & small interface icons.
  • Correspondence Tracker - Track all your correspondence with other researchers in one convenient manager. Manage all of your contacts as well with easy links to emailing and more.
  • Bookmarks - From any place within the program, you can bookmark where you are & return later.
  • QuickHelp - Get fast, customized information for each screen and feature in Family Tree Legends by clicking on the Help icon.
  • Get Latest Version - Find out if you are running the latest release of Family Tree Legends. If you are running an older version of the software, this feature will allow you to update your program.
  • Support - Family Tree Legends provides free email based technical support with a focus on prompt, personal consideration. All requests submitted on weekdays M-F are typically answered within 24-48 hrs.

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